Sound Leisure Jukebox Vynil 33 LP Musikbox

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Sound Leisure Jukebox Vynil 33 LP Musikbox

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Vinyl Long Player LP Jukebox

In celebration of Sound Leisure’s 40th year of jukebox manufacturing, and the 70th anniversary of the LP record, Sound Leisure is pleased to announce it's latest vinyl playing jukebox. A jukebox designed to champion the LP Album!

It was always the ambition of Sound Leisure’s chairman Alan Black, to build this model, using a design he first nurtured back in 1968.

The truly beautiful retro styled jukebox, handbuilt by dedicated craftsmen and women encapsulates the golden age of Rock’n’Roll. The hypnotic visible LP mechanism* and movement are housed in an unmistakeable 50s styled cabinet, and embellished with high quality chrome fittings. The jukebox holds 10 LPs, and both the full ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides can be played in the order selected. Watch how the beautifully designed and manufactured "arm" carefully selects the vinyl by the sides and flips it with care whilst delivering to the turntable. Once on the turntable, the accurately balanced tone arm delivers the joy of your favourite albums directly through the renowned Sound Leisure D4 amplifier and out through the specially designed speaker cabinet. This stunning jukebox also features Sound Leisure’s built in Bluetooth receiver to allow audio streaming from any compatible device.

Available in two distinct looks, the ‘West Coast’, housed in a surf style aqua green and light oak cabinet, or the ‘East Coast’ a tough yet classy look, finished in solid red and black ash.

*Patent Pending

Please note that a coin mechanism cannot be fitted to this jukebox.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is custom built to order. This may affect your rights as a consumer. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for more information.
Technical Specifications

    10 x 12” vinyl record rotating jukebox mechanism. ( 20 selections - A/B sides )

    D4 amplifier : 2 x independent stereo channel outputs, 60W RMS per channel. / 2 x mid / 2 x tweeter and 1 x 12” Twin cone bass speaker

    Remote control for home use - record selection - shuffle play - aux input - volume - reject record

    Includes Sound Leisure’s Label Magic software - (free 12 months subscription) to allow designing and printing of title cards

    Aux input (phono)

    Aux output (phono)

    Microphone input

    Sound Leisure Bluetooth receiver as standard


Height: 1410mm
Width: 780mm
Depth: 700mm
Weight: 120KG

Hersteller: Sound Leisure

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Bestellung Lieferzeit 2-3 Monate

Zustand Neu

Lieferfrist     1- 4 Monate
Verfügbarkeit     auf Bestellung
Jahrgang     neu
Höhe in cm     155
Breite in cm     85
Tiefe in cm     75
Gewicht in kg     160
Farbe     nach Auswahl
Tonträger     Vinyl 45rpm
Selektionen     140
Garantie     24 Monate in Haus


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